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The wisest mind has something yet to learn.
Quotesography is the world's largest quotation site. We educate and entertain audiences of all ages with family-friendly quotations from history's most prominent figures through to today's newsmakers - famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, authors, and everything in between. We are passionate about quotes, and on a mission to share our knowledge with the world.

Quote Pioneers

Persevere and get it done.
Nurul H.
Originally published in 2001, Quotesography is one of the oldest and most established quotation sites on the web. Our site was built from scratch into the behemoth it is today. In the beginning, we used library books to enter famous quotations by hand. Armed with eyedrops and comfy wrist-rests at our computers, we typed, and typed, and typed! Today, you can enjoy the fruits of our labors; we are a shining example of the little engine that could.

Our Credo

Life itself is a quotation.
Eni S.
We believe access to the spoken word gives us a unique glimpse into the historic, political and cultural history of the world we share. Further, we believe that inherent in these quotations lies the essence of the individuals we have quoted; their interests, belief system, comments and ideas are captured in time to benefit our generation and the next.

Why Use Quotesography?

The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.
Daniel P.
Quotesography  provides an all-access pass to the world of quotations. Our quotations database is the largest on the web, and getting bigger every day. Whether it's a great quote for a birthday card, love letter, research paper or just for fun, Quotesography  makes it easy to find great quotes. We have a treasure trove of historic, political, culturally relevant quotations available on our site, in our RSS feeds, on Facebook and on Twitter. Quotesography  has its finger on the pulse of world events - selecting the latest quotes by today's movers and shakers. Our curated quote collections contain the 'best of the best' quotes in each of our topics, and our Quote of the Day page and RSS feeds provide food for thought with a unique Quotesography , nature, funny, art and love quote to enjoy on our site, your site, or your blog.

Who Uses Quotesography?

Most Popular Quote.
Dea A.
Quotesography  has something for everyone. Every minute thousands of people across the globe find great quotes on Quotesography and our social networks on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. We attract educators, students, writers, journalists, researchers, media professionals and quote-lovers of all ages.

The Human Touch

The human mind is our fundamental resource.
Fredy J.
Quotesography  hand-selects quotes for publication on our site, in our RSS feeds, on Facebook and on Twitter. Our intelligent and discerning curators select quotations and develop quote collections to inspire, motivate and entertain our highly-educated audience. Some quotes have historical, political or cultural relevance, while others are just for fun. The quotes we select are intentional, and designed to create a rewarding Quotesography  experience.

100% Free

Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.
Marshall M.
Quotesography  is free service, supported by ad revenue generated from ads appearing on our site. Our advertising team works with credible advertisers and high-quality ad networks. We make sure the ads shown on our site are family-friendly, and we limit invasive and intrusive advertising because we value our audience, and want everyone to Like us!

People Talk, Quotesography Listens

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.
Quotesography  knows that every second of the day, important people have something to say. Our dedicated staff captures new quotes by reading articles, interviews and editorials from newsworthy publications and magazines across the globe. We source quotes from a wide array of authors, and enjoy learning about new people. If a noteworthy individual is missing from our site, let us know. We welcome your suggestions.

100% Real People

The authentic self is the soul made visible.
Sarah B.
When you search the pages of Quotesography , you will find quotations spoken by real people - not characters from popular plays, books or movies. If you discover an author who is a character, and not a real human being, let us know and we will make the correction.

Brainy, or Not!

Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one.
E. B. White
Our quotations and quote collections have motivated, inspired and informed millions, but not all of our quotes are 'brainy'. We include 'non-brainy' quotes because they entertain or add to our cultural conversation. While they may be neither intelligent, amusing or otherwise clever, the person quoted had something to say that mattered to them - and for this reason, their words matters to us. If Jennifer Aniston speaks about something as inane as her hair, we find this culturally relevant: the actress is famous for her seeming inability to have a bad hair day.

Join The Conversation

Giving people the power to share.
Mark Z.
Enjoy the Quotesography  'Quote of the Day' on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. 'Like' us, Follow us, or +1 us to receive our daily quote in your newsfeed. Like, Comment and Share our quotes with friends, family, and over 3 million Quotesography fans.

Quotesography To Go

I like to keep mobile. It keeps my mind awake.
Isabel L.
Not at your desktop? No problem! Quotesography  is mobile, and we know you are too. Our mobile format makes it easy to view, search and share famous quotations from your smartphone while on the go. Search and bookmark our site to enjoy Quotesography  Mobile from anyplace, anytime, anywhere. Every single author and quote on Quotesography  is on our mobile site, so you won't miss a thing! You never know when you need a good quote, and Quotesography  is at the ready. So... while we do not endorse or condone this activity, the next time you're out riding your bike while drinking a chocolate milkshake, and are suddenly inspired to read quotes on diet and fitness, Quotesography  will meet your every need.

Amazing Quote Pictures

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.
Ansel A.
What makes quotes even better? Quotes with pictures! Quotesography  has a spectacular collection of photographs expertly matched to famous quotations. Visit our Picture Quotes gallery to enjoy inspiring images of flowers, trees, landscapes, flora, fauna and other subjects that inspire and amaze. Pin your favorite images on Pinterest to share your very own Quotesography  collection with friends and family.

Quest For Perfection

Fix your eyes on perfection.
William E.
At Quotesography , the quality and accuracy of our content is our top priority. We appreciate your comments and patience should you find an erorr has slipped through the cracks. Simply let us know, and we'll fix things in a jiffy.


Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.
Alan K.
Regular use of Quotesography stimulates the mind and effectively increases one's IQ. Conversely, recent studies show time spent on copycat quotation sites leads to a loss of IQ points. There is only one Quotesography !

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